: Last Free German Federal Election | 2013

Last #Free #German #Federal #Election , So Called #Democratic , Since 1949 .more you will read tomorrow , September 22th – 18:00 H, on #magacine ..: magacine | culture in space tags : german politics … Weiterlesen →

: artro – the new civilization of the cultural space

Two of the most important visionaries and artists of the 20th and 21st century AD in the German-speaking area are poorly understood in their activity 27 and 8 years after their physical deaths : Joseph … Weiterlesen →

: es steht alles , es fällt nichts | Charles Wilp

Anyone ever had a full brake in the brain or heart, will have the experience of Zero Gravity another Merkwelt, a new awareness zone. ZeroG is the driving force behind all creativity , not only … Weiterlesen →

: OLD NORSE | Andrew Telling – Conor Harrington

I was invited to the far reaches of Norway during the summer and I took the opportunity to make my 3rd film with film-maker supremo Andrew Telling. I think this is by far our best … Weiterlesen →

: Robert Frank | 88 – Life Dances On

I’m always doing the same images. I’m always looking outside. Trying to look inside. Trying something that’s true. But merely nothing is really true. Except what’s out there. And what’s out there is always different … Weiterlesen →

: Nam June Paik | 80

Zen for TV | Nam june Paik, 1963 The Moon is a Television: On Nam June Paik’s 80thLong before there was YouTube and social media, there was Nam June Paik who said, ‘Someday everybody will … Weiterlesen →

: Cinco de Mayo | contemporary artists in and around Mexico

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated in America and the Mexican State of Puebla in commemoration of freedom and democracy during the American Civil War; it is a religious holiday & not Mexican Independence … Weiterlesen →

: IF YOU’RE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION | 04 | The Climate Desk

… the unauthorized release of documents showing how a libertarian thinktank, the Heartland Institute, which has in the past been supported by Exxon, spent millions on lavish conferences attacking scientists and concocting projects to counter … Weiterlesen →

: Without dreams, there is no progress | Stephane Hessel

The 94-year-old former resistance fighter Stéphane Hessel speaks during an interview with Carlos Hanimann and Yves Wegelin why visions and dreams are important to maintain his dignity: Shakespeare once wrote: «We failed because we didn’t … Weiterlesen →