: WILP WXLP 2005X10

„Im Hinblick auf die Entwicklung der Menschheitsgeschichte hin zur Weltraum-Kultur, stehen wir heute vor einer neuen Fontäne der Sinnlichkeit. Deep Space Black oder die Farbe der Sinne ist schwarz..: more | magacine

: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rubens and, and, and – can you hear us …?

For Charles Wilp artists have traditionally accompanied the great explorers : „Only through art the unexpected , the not calculable can be discovered . ARTronauts of the present time are Econauts , who will be … Weiterlesen →


.Sometimes I Like To Lie – AnnenMayKantereit. Music As We Want, Not How It Can Be SoldFirst Album-Release of the Cologne-based Singer Songwriter-Band ANNENMAYKANTEREIT , for short AMK . All LOVE & RESPECT 4U Chris … Weiterlesen →

: Isabelle Huppert | International Actors Award 2013

Action! Isabelle Huppert has appeared in more than a hundred films, their job-related films starred the self-confessed workaholic Claude Chabrol with her and Stéphane Audran, his wife. Huppert most prestigious international awards are the 1996 … Weiterlesen →

: Last Free German Federal Election | 2013

Last #Free #German #Federal #Election , So Called #Democratic , Since 1949 .more you will read tomorrow , September 22th – 18:00 H, on #magacine ..: magacine | culture in space tags : german politics … Weiterlesen →

: artro – the new civilization of the cultural space

Two of the most important visionaries and artists of the 20th and 21st century AD in the German-speaking area are poorly understood in their activity 27 and 8 years after their physical deaths : Joseph … Weiterlesen →

: es steht alles , es fällt nichts | Charles Wilp

Anyone ever had a full brake in the brain or heart, will have the experience of Zero Gravity another Merkwelt, a new awareness zone. ZeroG is the driving force behind all creativity , not only … Weiterlesen →

: OLD NORSE | Andrew Telling – Conor Harrington

I was invited to the far reaches of Norway during the summer and I took the opportunity to make my 3rd film with film-maker supremo Andrew Telling. I think this is by far our best … Weiterlesen →

: Robert Frank | 88 – Life Dances On

I’m always doing the same images. I’m always looking outside. Trying to look inside. Trying something that’s true. But merely nothing is really true. Except what’s out there. And what’s out there is always different … Weiterlesen →