: WILP WXLP 2005X10

„Im Hinblick auf die Entwicklung der Menschheitsgeschichte hin zur Weltraum-Kultur, stehen wir heute vor einer neuen Fontäne der Sinnlichkeit. Deep Space Black oder die Farbe der Sinne ist schwarz..: more | magacine

: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rubens and, and, and – can you hear us …?

For Charles Wilp artists have traditionally accompanied the great explorers : „Only through art the unexpected , the not calculable can be discovered . ARTronauts of the present time are Econauts , who will be … Weiterlesen →

: artro – the new civilization of the cultural space

Two of the most important visionaries and artists of the 20th and 21st century AD in the German-speaking area are poorly understood in their activity 27 and 8 years after their physical deaths : Joseph … Weiterlesen →

: es steht alles , es fällt nichts | Charles Wilp

Anyone ever had a full brake in the brain or heart, will have the experience of Zero Gravity another Merkwelt, a new awareness zone. ZeroG is the driving force behind all creativity , not only … Weiterlesen →

: Creativity in the Wild

Here we show that four days of immersion in nature, and the corresponding disconnection from multi-media and technology, increases performance on a creativity, problem-solving task by a full 50% in a group of naive hikers..: … Weiterlesen →

: SpaceArt von Charles Wilp | Sammlung Heydt

WELTGEWÖLBE . Ausschnitt | Charles Wilp, 1999 Mit der Ausstellung SpaceArt von Charles Wilp – die Sammlung Heydt im Museum am Schölerberg, Osnabrück öffnet sich erstmals ein komplexer künstlerischer Kosmos in der Arbeit eines der … Weiterlesen →

: 1945-1998 | Isao Hashimoto

This piece of work is a bird’s eye view of the history by scaling down a month length of time into one second. No letter is used for equal messaging to all viewers without language … Weiterlesen →

: R.I.P.L.R. | Charles Wilp X80

Charles Wilp would have turned 80 years today; he died at 72 years on 2 January 2005 in Dusseldorf/Germany. This short film shows Charles Wilp on his seventieth birthday. REST IN PEACE , LOVE & … Weiterlesen →

: Charles Wilp | 79

NO REST NO ENDING | Charles Wilp, 1994 Charles Wilp wäre heute 79 Jahre geworden; er starb mit 72 Jahrenam 2. Januar 2005 in Düsseldorf. AGE OF COSMIC PHANTASY AND INNOVATIONZEITALTER KOSMISCHER PHANTASIE UND INNOVATION … Weiterlesen →