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Nam June Paik | Zen TV
Zen for TV | Nam june Paik, 1963

The Moon is a Television: On Nam June Paik’s 80th
Long before there was YouTube and social media, there was Nam June Paik who said, ‘Someday everybody will have his own TV channel.’ Paik, who was born in Korea, and spent time in Europe before settling in New York, would have turned 80 on July 20. To honor the artist who would have been happy to let us all “think inside the box,” American Art celebrated with a few speakers who knew Paik well, before ending with cupcakes that were decorated with an image of one of Paik’s iconic works: Zen for TV. We gathered in the Lincoln Gallery, on the third floor of the museum, in front of Paik’s larger-than-life Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S./ Alaska/ Hawaii.
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