: REACTOR TIHANGE more dangerous than previously known

✖ /////////// Spread the news☢ #REACTOR #TIHANGE more dangerous than previously known- accumulation w #Precursor-cases ☢ #AKW Tihange deutlich gefährlicher als bislang bekannt @WDR #Monitor #nuclear #eu #Chernobyl https://t.co/Xaswsf8HTR — / CROSXCANAL (@CROSXCANALnet) February 2, … Weiterlesen →


:: zum 13ten Todestag von Charles Wilp . Sneak .Preview ausCharles Wilp – No Rest No EndingPart I : ALL ORGASMUwe J. Haack , virage – Amsterdam late 2018 R.I.P.L.R.Charles Wilp died at 72 years … Weiterlesen →

: WILP WXLP 2005X10

„Im Hinblick auf die Entwicklung der Menschheitsgeschichte hin zur Weltraum-Kultur, stehen wir heute vor einer neuen Fontäne der Sinnlichkeit. Deep Space Black oder die Farbe der Sinne ist schwarz..: more | magacine

: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rubens and, and, and – can you hear us …?

For Charles Wilp artists have traditionally accompanied the great explorers : „Only through art the unexpected , the not calculable can be discovered . ARTronauts of the present time are Econauts , who will be … Weiterlesen →


.Sometimes I Like To Lie – AnnenMayKantereit. Music As We Want, Not How It Can Be SoldFirst Album-Release of the Cologne-based Singer Songwriter-Band ANNENMAYKANTEREIT , for short AMK . All LOVE & RESPECT 4U Chris … Weiterlesen →

: Isabelle Huppert | International Actors Award 2013

Action! Isabelle Huppert has appeared in more than a hundred films, their job-related films starred the self-confessed workaholic Claude Chabrol with her and Stéphane Audran, his wife. Huppert most prestigious international awards are the 1996 … Weiterlesen →

: Last Free German Federal Election | 2013

Last #Free #German #Federal #Election , So Called #Democratic , Since 1949 .more you will read tomorrow , September 22th – 18:00 H, on #magacine ..: magacine | culture in space tags : german politics … Weiterlesen →

: artro – the new civilization of the cultural space

Two of the most important visionaries and artists of the 20th and 21st century AD in the German-speaking area are poorly understood in their activity 27 and 8 years after their physical deaths : Joseph … Weiterlesen →

: es steht alles , es fällt nichts | Charles Wilp

Anyone ever had a full brake in the brain or heart, will have the experience of Zero Gravity another Merkwelt, a new awareness zone. ZeroG is the driving force behind all creativity , not only … Weiterlesen →