: OLD NORSE | Andrew Telling – Conor Harrington

OLD NORSE – a short film embracing a dream:
Conor Harrington’s trip to Vardø, Norway

I was invited to the far reaches of Norway during the summer and I took the opportunity to make my 3rd film with film-maker supremo Andrew Telling. I think this is by far our best film. Pared back and super minimal he really captured the atmosphere of one of the most Northerly and isolated parts of Europe. This is one for the headphones, the music is composed and performed by both Andrew and Lucinda Chua. Watch the film for the music alone, I guarentee it’s worth it.

Big thanks to Pøbel for inviting me to .: Komafest and also to everyone from Vardø who welcomed us with grace and warmth.
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Conor Harrington was born in Cork / Ireland in 1980. He lives and works in London with his girlfriend Chloe Early, also a painter. // Conor drinks the big pints and Chloe drinks the little ones …
.: Conor Harrington

dp , edit .: Andrew Telling
grade .: Chloe Hayward
musical score .: Lucinda Chua
guitar & musical production .: Andrew Telling
titles .: Chris Thompson

tags streetart film harrington norway

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